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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for all things storytelling.

I began my journey in the Vancouver broadcast industry in 2015, volunteering for Shaw TV Vancouver. One year later, I went on to host my own television segments for the show City Lights on Novus Television.

Following my journey in community television, I enrolled in the Broadcast and Online Journalism program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. I am currently in my final term of the program, and developed a strong multi-media skill set during my time at BCIT. My skills extend across a variety of platforms and include videography, website building, web writing, audio production, and radio presenting.

This website portrays my work for television, digital, and radio platforms, as well as freelance content such as blog posts.

In my spare time, I enjoy indulging in my favourite hobbies such as adventuring in the outdoors and cooking up wholesome meals.



Living in beautiful British Columbia means embarking on endless adventures right at home.

One of my favourite hobbies is exploring B.C's mountain ranges and savoring the breathtaking views. I'm always looking forward to exploring new trails, but one of my favourites is along the Sea to Sky Summit in Howe Sound, Squamish.

Pictured here is a view of Squamish River from the peak of the summit. Sights like these are one of the many reasons hiking will always be a favourite past time of mine.


Have you ever gazed at something beautiful and thought wow, that would make a beautiful photo? That's me.

Photography is key to telling a story, and capturing life's wonderful moments is something I'm passionate about. I'm grateful to enjoy photography as much as I do, as I believe the right photos are the building blocks to digital strategy in an age of online platforms and social media .

This photo was taken at the UBC Botanical Garden on a sunny September day. As you can see, I appreciate cool tones and contrast in my photos.


At the core of my passion for storytelling is writing. It's something that makes my heart feel full and that my mind never gets tired of.

In my professional work, I enjoy writing online news articles about a multitude of stories impacting the community. Writing on digital platforms also allows me to tap into my creative side through web design and the incorporation of visual elements.

In my spare time, I love to write fictional stories, poetry and quotes.

To me, writing quotes means passing on the wisdom we gain from the hardships we endure. I strive to bring light to others on their dark days through my writing. For me, that means passing on the wisdom I've gained through my hardships.

Here you'll find a few of my favourite original quotes. When I'm not writing them, I love to read other people's words of wisdom to feed my mind and soul.

And those are just a few tidbits of my story.

I am a mosaic of my passions and values, and I aim to unearth both those things through my love for storytelling.



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