Surround Yourself with Light

How lovely is it that we get to share this beautiful thing called life with people that make it that much sweeter? My friends are one of the most important things in my life, and one of the hardest and undoubtedly greatest lessons that I’ve learned, is the importance of surrounding yourself with good people. One of my favourite quotes is “surround yourself with people who feel like sunshine.”


The people that you surround yourself with should uplift you, and make you feel revitalized and hopeful after being with them. I’m forever grateful that my friends add to my life in a way that makes my heart feel full and my soul light and happy. If someone brings you down or doesn’t add to your life in a positive way, I promise you that you will be so much happier if you’re strong enough to walk away.

Why do people do things together? Make friends? Settle down with a romantic partner? Because doing things together makes life happy, and if it doesn’t make you happy then you are so much better off without it. The people in your life should make your days brighter and bring light to your life.


Ask yourself this; do they support me in what I do? Do they cheer me on and give me hope for the future? Do they respect my lifestyle choices? Do they make me my happiest self? Surround yourself with good energy and you will emit so much light that your world will be cosmic.

If you don’t have that positive, uplifting energy in your life, I want you to know that you will find it. It will enter your life when it’s meant to and when you welcome it with your own light. You will find someone who makes all your days brighter, I promise.

Feed your Soul

Let me ask you something, when is the last time you did something just for you? Did something that feeds your soul and makes your heart feel full? I often forget how much gravity the little things hold, but this week I’ve decided to start every day with intention, to wake up and tell myself “today is going to be a GREAT day” and to make the time to do that.

Today I woke up extra early to give myself some extra me time before I headed to school. For me, that means waking up early enough to make my favourite chai tea latte before breakfast. I steep one turmeric-infused chai tea bag, foam some almond milk, add in a heaping teaspoon of golden honey and sip on the oh-so-warming drink while I get ready.


I sit by my window while I do my makeup and crack it open as wide as I can. In the fall this feels otherworldly, as the crisp air blows in and hits my face and shoulders. There’s something about the cool air hitting you while drinking a hot cup of tea that feels cosmic.

Then I turn some relaxing music on, which usually ends up being Bon Iver — Holocene or “Wait” by M83 on replay, while I finish my makeup.


I find it funny how the smallest things, like opening the window a little wider, playing my favourite music and making tea can turn a mundane morning into something magnificent. A friend of mine once told me “its the little things that make the big picture”, and I couldn’t agree more. I urge you to wake up a little earlier and start your day by making time for YOU. I promise that all your days will be brighter; after all, its the little things that count.

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